They discover a farm with more than 2,800 years old in Israel

They discover a farm with more than 2,800 years old in Israel

One of the many aspects that archeology has is that every so often it surprises us with new discoveries, some of greater importance and others of less importance, but each one has a common denominator, which can provide important information about ancient civilizations and their way of life and with everything they used every day to grow and evolve.

One of the most recent discoveries has been that of an old farm in the Rosh Ha’ayin area of ​​Israel. It is a huge construction that had some 23 rooms in its time and was used for about 600 years.

Among the finds is a Greek silver coin, dated from the year 325 BC. that featured the name of a military leader named ΑΛΕΞΑNΔΡΟΥ next to the image of Zeus and on the other side is Herod. According to the first investigations, the antiquity of this complex dates back to 2800 years ago, during the time of the Assyrian conquest of this area of ​​the world.

The Israel Antiquities Authority reported with great pride about this find and although investigations have already begun on this place, it will still take some time for more details to be known. They have stated that it is still too early to reveal information but It is known that the farm was about 30 x 40 meters and that it was occupied by farmers in the 6th century BC..

Some time later this enormous farm was abandoned, remaining in the most absolute abandonment, an abandonment that would last more than a thousand years. In fact, some of its stones were used again for other constructions of the ottoman empire.

Among the finds that were carried out in this complex are different pieces of ceramics, everyday utensils and even remains and boats that date back to Persian times. Its location, contrary to what happened with other farms that were located in slightly elevated areas, was in lowlands, of eminent agricultural character.

The place had a silo for the storage of grain and granaries as well as different farm terraces, which leads the researchers to confirm that this place was a country house, one of the oldest discovered to date. Among other infrastructures that were discovered, nearby wineries stand out, which could indicate that wine was another important part of the industry in this area.

Despite the fact that the huge house was abandoned, it has been known that after the conquest of the region by the Ottomans, the need for lime caused the building to be destroyed, leaving it practically as it is today. Despite this, the Israel Antiquities Authority, together with the country's Ministry of Construction, have made the decision not to start any restoration project but to condition the surroundings and leave the construction as it is to make it a tourist site.

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