They find a necropolis next to the Uffizi Galleries in Florence

They find a necropolis next to the Uffizi Galleries in Florence

Chance has wanted that during some works next to the famous art galleries of Florence the skeletons of plague victims have been discovered. The workers, who were digging the foundations of an elevator attached to the galleries, came across the old cemetery. It contains at least 60 skeletons and is located between the fourth or fifth century AD.We had to do some work to build the foundation for the new elevators for the museum and we came across this discovery”Said Alessandra Marino, officer in charge of the project.

The archaeologists' hypothesis is that the victims were buried very quickly, most likely during a plague epidemic. "They were all buried in the same period, so it was probably an epidemic that killed them”Says Andrea Pessina, head of archeology for the Tuscan government. Furthermore the skeletons show no signs of physical damage or malnutrition. "The remains have no evidence of trauma”Says Pessina, who firmly believes that all the people who were buried there died from an epidemic.

Carlotta Cianferoni, director of the National Archaeological Museum of Florence explained that burials were done in a hurry to use as little space as possible. “The bodies are placed next to each other, very close. The empty spaces were filled with the bodies of children”.

Apart from the skeletons some were also found coins dated around the 4th or 5th centuries AD. C. which would verify the estimates as to the age of the skeletons. However, archaeologists are waiting for the test results, which will indicate with certainty the age of the deceased.

Image: Rossella Lorenzi

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