Akhenaten may have shared the throne with his father

Akhenaten may have shared the throne with his father

Written evidence of a shared power between Amenophis III and his homonymous son Amenophis IV, which changed its name to Akhenaten, have opened a debate on whether there really was a time when they both shared the throne. A series of excavations in the tomb of Amenhotep-Huy, Luxor city minister, have revealed a set of cartridges that could prove it.

Akhenaten performed the most revolutionary reform in all of Pharaonic Egypt, substantially modifying the religious and cultural system. He earned the enmity of the entire powerful priestly caste and made substantial changes in the modes of artistic representation by establish a monotheism characterized by the personal cult of the god Aten and the solar disk, and with the association of this new religious symbolism with the pharaoh himself, who would henceforth be called Akhenaten.

But it seems that in the early days of the reign of Amenophis IV, when he still kept the name inherited from his father, they both could have shared the throne. The inscriptions on the cartridges found at Luxor celebrate the 30th anniversary of the reign of Amenophis III, some eight years before his death and his son's accession to the throne in 1,300 BC. approximately. Both pharaohs are mentioned in them, which is why experts affirm that it is conclusive proof of a co-regency between father and son in the last years of Amenophis III.

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