They discover the origin of the stones of Stonehenge

They discover the origin of the stones of Stonehenge

Geologists Richard Bevins of the National Museum of Wales, Robert Ixer of the University School of London and Professor Nick Pearce have uncovered the mystery of the origin of the stones of Stonehenge.

This has been confirmed by those responsible for the Journal of Archaeological Science, who verified the hypothesis discussed by the specialists mentioned above.

According to his theory, the stones were carried from a hill in Pembrokeshire (Wales), located 241.4 kilometers from the site. What is not yet clear is how they have been transported, although they are considered as options, either by natural movements during the previous Ice Age, or by human beings.

Taking into account the first option, “if they were transported during the last Ice Age, there should be physical evidence”Bevins explained to Western mail, and they will focus on it for the next few months.

The Journal of Archaeological Science, announced that the research carried out by the team of geologists will be published in approximately six months.

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